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MacKELLAR, the Hon. Michael John RandalBiography for MacKELLAR, the Hon. Michael John Randal

Member for Warringah (NSW)

Liberal Party of Australia

Parliamentary Service

Elected to the House of Representatives for Warringah, New South Wales, 1969. Re-elected 1972, 1974, 1975, 1977, 1980, 1983, 1984, 1987, 1990 and 1993. Resigned 18.2.1994.

Parliamentary Appointments

Member of the Australian National University Council from 10.3.1970 to 18.2.1976.

Member of the CSIRO Advisory Council from 15.3.1985 to 16.12.1986.

Parliamentary Positions

Deputy Chairman of Committees from 1.3.1973 to 11.4.1974.

Deputy Chairman of Committees from 8.5.1990 to 8.2.1993.

Ministerial Appointments

Minister for Immigration and Ethnic Affairs from 22.12.1975 to 8.12.1979.

Minister Assisting the Treasurer from 25.8.1978 to 8.12.1979.

Minister for Health from 8.12.1979 to 20.4.1982.

Minister Assisting the Prime Minister from 8.12.1979 to 3.11.1980.

Minister for Home Affairs and the Environment from 17.2.1981 to 19.3.1981.

Committee Service

Joint Statutory: Public Accounts from 1.3.1973 to 11.4.1974; Law Enforcement (formerly National Crime Authority from 15.6.1984 to 1.1.2003 and Australian Crime Commission from 1.1.2003 to 24.11.2010) from 15.10.1985 to 1.6.1989.

Joint Standing: Foreign Affairs from 7.4.1971 to 2.11.1972; Foreign Affairs and Defence from 16.5.1973 to 11.4.1974; Foreign Affairs and Defence from 12.5.1983 to 5.6.1987; Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade from 20.10.1987 to 18.2.1994; New Parliament House from 1.6.1989 to 19.2.1990.

Joint Select: Electoral Reform from 20.3.1985 to 5.6.1987.

House of Representatives Standing: Environment and Conservation from 18.8.1982 to 4.2.1983 (Chair from 19.8.1982 to 4.2.1983); Environment, Recreation and the Arts from 8.10.1987 to 1.6.1989; Selection from 16.2.1988 to 19.2.1990; House from 16.5.1990 to 18.2.1994.

House of Representatives Select: Wildlife Conservation from 4.6.1970 to 26.10.1972.

Conferences, Delegations and Visits

Member, Australian Delegation to South Pacific Conference, Noumea, 1971.

Member, Parliamentary Delegation to the People's Republic of China, June 1973.

Leader, Australian Delegation to UN Habitat Conference, Vancouver, May 1976.

Represented the Commonwealth Government at Independence celebrations, Seychelles, June 1976.

Official visits to Europe and North America, May-June 1976.

Official visits to Cyprus and Italy, February 1977.

Represented the Commonwealth Government at the funerals of the President of Cyprus, Archbishop Makarios, August 1977.

Official visits to New Zealand, March 1978.

Official visits to South-East Asia, July 1978.

Official visits to USA, UK, West Germany, France and New Zealand, January-February 1980.

Official visits to South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Mauritius, July-August 1980.

Attended South Pacific Forum, Fiji and Kiribati, July 1980.

Represented the Commonwealth Government at the funerals of the President of the Prime Minister of Botswana, the Hon Sir Seretse Khama, KBE, July 1980.

Leader, Parliamentary Delegation to Saudi Arabia, Oman and the United Arab Emirates, January 1982.

Member, Observer Delegation to 6th General Assembly AIPO, Singapore, October 1983.

Member, 76th IPU Conference, Buenos Aires, October 1986.

Deputy Leader, Parliamentary Delegation to the 35th CPA Conference, Barbados, October 1989.

Member, Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade visit to Papua New Guinea, February-March 1991.

Member, Parliamentary Delegation to Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Poland, July-August 1991.

Member, Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade study tour of Indonesia, October 1992.

Parliamentary Party Positions

Opposition Whip in the House of Representatives from 12.5.1989 to 11.4.1990.

Shadow Parliamentary Secretary to the Leader of the Opposition from 5.4.1973 to 14.6.1974.

Opposition Spokesman on Immigration from 14.6.1974 to 11.11.1975.

Opposition Spokesman on Foreign Affairs from 16.3.1983 to 14.12.1984.

Shadow Special Minister of State from 14.12.1984 to 9.9.1985.

Opposition Spokesman on Science from 14.12.1984 to 9.9.1985.

Deputy Manager of Opposition Business in the House from 19.2.1985 to 9.9.1985.

Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Parliamentary Liaison from 7.4.1993 to 18.2.1994.

Party Positions

Member of the Liberal Party Rural Committee (NSW) from 1966.

Member of the Liberal Party State Council (NSW) from 1970.

Member of the Liberal Party Standing Committee on Education and Science (NSW) from 1971.

Member of the Liberal Party State Executive (NSW) from 1973 to 1980.

Member of the Liberal Party Joint Standing Committee on Federal Policy from 1973 to 1980.

Member of the Liberal Party State Executive (NSW) from 1985.


Born 27.10.1938, Sydney, Australia

Died 9.5.2015


Qualifications and Occupations before entering Federal Parliament

BScAg (University of Sydney).

MA (University of Oxford).

Agricultural scientist, specialising in agricultural extension.


Name: Warringah

Location: Northern Sydney; it includes the suburbs of Allambie, Balgowlah, Brookvale, Curl Curl, Fairlight, Forestville, Harbord, Killarney Heights, Manly, Manly Vale, Mosman, Queenscliff and Seaforth.

Area: 61 Sq km

Electors enrolled: 77,879 (at 15.2.1993)

Industries: Light industry, small manufacturing and service industries.

Includes: Warringah includes the New South Wales Legislative Assembly electorate of Manly, and parts of Davidson, North Shore, Wakehurst and Willoughby.