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Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Legislation Committee


In Attendance

Senator Payne, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Minister for Women

Senator Duniam, Assistant Minister for Forestry and Fisheries, Assistant Minister for Industry Development

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Ms Frances Adamson, Secretary

Mr Christopher Langman, Deputy Secretary, Trade, Investment and Business Engagement Group

Mr Murali Venugopal, Chief Finance Officer

Ms Jo Talbot, Chief People Officer

Mr Simon Newnham, Chief Legal Officer

Ms Minoli Perera, Chief Security Officer

Mr Mathew Smorhun, Chief Information Officer

Dr Jenny Gordon, Chief Economist

Ms Alison Burrows, Chief Negotiator—Australia-EU Free Trade Agreement

Ms Michaela Browning, Chief Executive Officer, National Foundation for Australia-China Relations

Mr Ravi Kewalram, Acting Chief Trade Law Officer

Ms Lynette Wood, First Assistant Secretary, Consular and Crisis Management Division

Ms Elly Lawson, First Assistant Secretary, East Asia Division

Ms Danielle Heinecke, First Assistant Secretary, Pacific Operations and Development Division

Mr Gerald Thomson, First Assistant Secretary, Pacific Bilateral Division

Ms Elizabeth Peak, First Assistant Secretary, Pacific Strategy Division

Mr Craig Chittick OAM, First Assistant Secretary, US and Indo-Pacific Division

Mr Jamie Isbister, First Assistant Secretary, Economic Growth and Sustainability Division and Ambassador for the Environment

Mr Ridwaan Jadwat, First Assistant Secretary, Southeast Asia Division

Ms Frances Lisson PSM, First Assistant Secretary, COVID-19 Coordination Unit

Ms Helen Stylianou, First Assistant Secretary, Trade Investment and Business Engagement Division

Ms Beth Delaney, First Assistant Secretary, Contracting and Aid Management Division

Mr John Geering, First Assistant Secretary, Europe and Latin America Division

Ms Mary Balzary PSM, First Assistant Secretary, Executive Division

Mr James Baxter, First Assistant Secretary, Office of Trade Negotiations

Mr James Gilling, First Assistant Secretary, Humanitarian Non-Government Organisations and Partnerships Division

Ms Amanda Gorely, First Assistant Secretary, International Security Division and Ambassador for Arms Control and Counter-Proliferation

Mr Rod Hilton, First Assistant Secretary, Human Development and Governance Division

Mr Gary Cowan, First Assistant Secretary, North and South Asia Division

Ms Elisabeth Bowes, First Assistant Secretary, Regional Trade Agreements Division

Mr Adam McCarthy, Acting First Assistant Secretary, Multilateral Policy Division

Mr Benjamin Hayes, Acting First Assistant Secretary, Middle East and Africa Division

Ms Suzanne Pitson, Executive Director, Overseas Property Office and Services

Ms Bridget Brill, Executive Director, Australian Passports Office

Mr Robin Davies, Head, Indo-Pacific Centre for Health Security

Mr Roger Noble AO, DSC, CSC, Ambassador for Counter-Terrorism

Dr Tobias Feakin, Ambassador for Cyber Affairs and Critical Technology

Ms Lucienne Manton, Ambassador for People Smuggling and Human Trafficking

Ms Julie-Ann Guivarra, Ambassador for Gender Equality

Mr Ian McConville, Assistant Secretary, Protocol Branch

Ms Lisa Wright, Assistant Secretary, Public Diplomacy Branch

Mr Gareth Williams, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, National Foundation for Australia-China Relations

Ms Edwina Stevens, Assistant Secretary, Free Trade Agreements Services Branch, Regional Trade Agreements Division, Trade, Investment and Business Engagement Group

Aus tralian T rade and Investment Commission

Mr Xavier Simonet, Chief Executive Officer

Mr Tim Beresford, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Global Client Services

Ms Samantha Palmer, General Manager, Visitor Economy and Client Programs

Ms Christie Sawczuk, General Manager, Government Division

Mr Rob Donelly, Chief Operating Officer, Corporate Services Division

Export Finance Australia

Ms Swati Dave, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer

Mr John Hopkins, Chief Risk Officer and General Counsel

Mr John Pacey, Chief Credit Officer

Tourism Australia

Ms Phillipa Harrison, Managing Director

Mr Mark Craig, Executive General Manager, Corporate Services

Mr Bede Fennell, Executive General Manager, Corporate Affairs

Ms Victoria Maigre, General Manager, Government Relations

Ms Elisa Jakymin, Government Relations Manager

Committee met at 09:00

CHAIR ( Senator Abetz ): I declare open this budget estimates 2021-22 hearing of the Senate Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Legislation Committee. Today the committee will continue examination of the Foreign Affairs and Trade portfolio as set out on the circulated program. The committee is due to report to the Senate on 13 July 2021 and has set Friday 23 July 2021 as the date for the return of responses to questions taken on notice. Information on procedural rules governing the estimates hearings and claims of public interest immunity has been provided to departments and agencies and is available from the secretariat.

Senators, departments and agencies have been provided with advice on the arrangements in place to ensure the hearings are conducted in a safe environment. This guidance is also available from the secretariat. The committee appreciates the cooperation of all attendees in adhering to these arrangements.