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     3   Expulsion of Mr Hugh Mahon from the House

Mr Perrett, pursuant to notice, moved—That this House: 

(1)        recognises that:

(a)        prior to the passage of the Parliamentary Privileges Act 1987 the Houses of the Australian Parliament had the power to expel a Senator or Member of the House of Representatives;

(b)        the expulsion of a Member of this House is the most drastic of sanctions;

(c)        on 11 November 1920, the then Member for Kalgoorlie, Mr Hugh Mahon, was expelled from this House; and

(d)        Mr Mahon is the only Member to have ever been expelled from this House;

(2)        acknowledges that Mr Mahon was expelled:

(a)        by a motion brought on hastily and with limited time for debate;

(b)        by a vote of the House on party lines; and

(c)        without the due process and procedural fairness that such an important issue deserves; and

(3)        recognises that:

(a)        it was unjust on the limited evidence for the institution to which Mr Mahon had been democratically elected to reverse the decision of his constituents; and

(b)        the expulsion of Mr Mahon was a misuse of the power then invested in the House.

Debate ensued.

The time allotted for the debate having expired, the debate was interrupted, and the resumption of the debate made an order of the day for the next sitting.