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The following documents were presented:

Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse—Royal Commission—Report of Case Study No. 34—The response of Brisbane Grammar School and St Paul’s School to allegations of child sexual abuse, January 2017.

Migration Act 1958 —Section 486O—Assessment of detention arrangements—

Personal identifiers 1000120-O, 1000499-O, 1000512-O, 1000774-O, 1000857-O, 1000934-O, 1001141-O, 1001207-O, 1001220-O, 1001289-O, 1001523-O, 1001529-O, 1001676-O, 1001698-O, 1001699-O, 1001933-O, 1001957-O, 1001970-O, 1002102-O, 1002138-O, 1002206-O, 1002255, 1002266-O, 1002302-O, 1002305-O, 1002309-O, 1002310-O, 1002317-O, 1002322-O, 1002324, 1002330-O, 1002343, 1002345-O1, 1002349-O, 1002352-O, 1002414, 1002422-O, 1002451-O, 1002540, 1002824, 1003042, 1003150, 1003226, 1003329, 1003352, 1003361, 1003364, 1003390, 1003456, 1003516—

Commonwealth and Immigration Ombudsman’s reports—Report No. 2 of 2017.

Government response to Ombudsman’s reports.

Personal identifiers 1000519-O, 1000727-O, 1000741-O, 1000766-O, 1000864-O, 1000903-O, 1000964-O, 1000966-O, 1000982-O, 1001033-O, 1001051-O, 1001181-O, 1001344-O, 1001370-O, 1001373-O, 1001406-O, 1001412-O, 1001444-O, 1001502-O, 1001518-O, 1001522-O, 1001595-O, 1001618-O, 1001639-O, 1001667-O, 1001695-O, 1001700-O, 1001775-O, 1001820-O, 1001915-O, 1001925-O, 1001928-O, 1001932-O, 1001939-O, 1001940-O, 1001946-O, 1001955-O, 1001966-O, 1002210, 1002279-O, 1002303-O, 1002380-O, 1002449-O, 1002463-O, 1002532, 1003271, 1003366, 1003387, 1003463, 1003517, 1003527—

Commonwealth and Immigration Ombudsman’s reports—Report No. 1 of 2017.

Government response to Ombudsman’s reports.

Treaty— Multilateral Text, together with national interest analysis —Amendments to Appendices I and II of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (Johannesburg, 4 October 2016).