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   18   Corporations Amendment (Strengthening Protections for Employee Entitlements) Bill 2018

The order of the day having been read for the resumption of the debate on the question—That the bill be now read a second time— And on the amendment moved by Ms Sharkie to the amendment proposed by Mr O’Connor (see item No. 16)

Debate resumed.

Question—That the amendment moved by Ms Sharkie to the amendment proposed by Mr O’Connor be agreed to—put.

The House divided and only Mr Bandt, Mr Katter, Ms Sharkie and Mr Wilkie voting “Aye”, the Speaker (Mr A. D. H. Smith) declared the question resolved in the negative.

Question—That the amendment moved by Mr O’Connor be agreed to—put.

The House divided (the Speaker, Mr A. D. H. Smith, in the Chair)—


AYES, 67

Mr Albanese

Mr Conroy

Ms Kearney

Ms Owens

Dr Aly

Mr Danby

Ms Keay

Mr Perrett*

Mr Bandt

Mr Dick

Dr M. J. Kelly

Ms Plibersek

Ms Bird

Mr Dreyfus

Mr Keogh

Ms Rishworth

Mr Bowen

Mrs Elliot

Mr Khalil

Ms Rowland

Ms Brodtmann

Mr Fitzgibbon

Ms C. F. King

Ms Ryan*

Mr Burke

Dr Freelander

Ms M. M. H. King

Mr Snowdon

Ms Burney

Mr Georganas

Ms Lamb

Ms Stanley

Mr M. C. Butler

Mr Giles

Dr Leigh

Mr Swan

Ms T. M. Butler

Mr Gorman

Ms McBride

Ms Swanson

Mr Byrne

Mr Gosling

Mr Marles

Ms Templeman

Dr Chalmers

Mr Hayes

Mr B. K. Mitchell

Mr Thistlethwaite

Mr Champion

Mr Hill

Mr R. G. Mitchell

Ms Vamvakinou

Ms L. M. Chesters

Ms Husar

Mr Neumann

Mr Watts

Mr Clare

Mr Husic

Mr O’Connor

Mr Wilkie

Ms Claydon

Mr Jones

Ms O’Neil

Mr Zappia

Ms Collins

Mr Katter

Ms O’Toole


NOES, 72

Mr Abbott

Mr Falinski

Ms M. L. Landry

Mrs Prentice

Mr Alexander

Mr Fletcher

Mr C. A. S. Laundy

Ms Price

Mrs K. L. Andrews

Ms Flint

Mr Leeser

Mr Pyne

Mr K. J. Andrews

Mr Frydenberg

Ms Ley

Mr Ramsey*

Ms Banks

Mr Gee

Mr Littleproud

Mr Robert

Mr Broad

Dr Gillespie

Mr McCormack

Ms Sharkie

Mr Broadbent

Mr Goodenough

Ms McGowan

Mr Sukkar

Mr Buchholz

Mr Hartsuyker

Dr McVeigh

Mr Taylor

Mr D. J. Chester

Mr Hastie

Mrs Marino

Mr Tehan

Mr Christensen

Mr Hawke

Mr Morrison

Mr Tudge

Mr Ciobo

Ms Henderson

Mr Morton

Mr van Manen

Mr Coleman

Mr Hogan

Mr Ted O’Brien

Mr Vasta

Mr Coulton

Mr Howarth

Mr L. S. O’Brien

Mrs Wicks

Mr Crewther

Mr Hunt

Mr O’Dowd

Mr R. J. Wilson

Mr Drum*

Mr Joyce

Ms O’Dwyer

Mr T. R. Wilson

Mr Dutton

Mr Keenan

Mr Pasin

Mr Wood

Mr Entsch

Mr C. Kelly

Mr Pitt

Mr Wyatt

Mr Evans

Mr Laming

Mr Porter

Mr Zimmerman

* Tellers

And so it was negatived.

Question—That the bill be now read a second time—put and passed—bill read a second time.

Leave granted for third reading to be moved immediately.

On the motion of Mr D. J. Chester (Minister for Defence Personnel), the bill was read a third time.