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    16   MESSAGE FROM THE SENATE— criteria for independent youth allowance for inner regional students

Message No. 65, 2 March 2011, from the Senate was reported informing the House that the Senate had agreed to the following resolution: That the Senate—

(a)    notes that the Government:

(i)    has admitted there is a problem with the criteria for independent youth allowance for inner regional students,

(ii)   has committed to bringing forward its review of the matter and notes that the broad purpose of the review is to find a permanent solution to address the disadvantages that currently exist for rural and regional students in qualifying for financial assistance, and

(iii)  has indicated it will remove the difference between the inner regional areas and the other regional zones for the eligibility criteria for independent youth allowance; and

(b)    calls on the Government to bring forward its timetable for resolving the matter and, in particular, ensure that:

(i)    the review is completed and funds to pay for the measure are secured by 1 July 2011,

(ii)   that the current eligibility criteria for independent youth allowance for persons whose homes are located in Outer Regional Australia, Remote Australia and Very Remote Australia according to the Remoteness Structure defined in subsection 1067A(10F) of the Social Security Act 19.91 also apply to those with homes in Inner Regional Australia from 1 July 2011, and

(iii) all students who had a gap year in 2010 (that is, 2009 year 12 school leavers) and who meet the relevant criteria qualify for the payment.