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Mr Randall (Chair) presented the following paper:


The Publications Committee reports that it has met in conference with the Publications Committee of the Senate.

The Committee, having considered documents presented to Parliament since 1 April 2004, recommends that the following be printed:

Central Land Council—Report for 2002-03—Addendum.

Finance—Budget 2004-05—Ministerial statements—

A sustainability strategy for the Australian continent—Statement by the Minister for the Environment and Heritage (Dr Kemp), 11 May 2004.

Australia's international development cooperation—Statement by the Minister for Foreign Affairs (Mr Downer), 11 May 2004.

Regional partnerships for growth and security—Statement by the Minister for Transport and Regional Services (Mr Anderson), 11 May 2004.

Rural and regional Australia: Sustaining the nation—Statement by the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (Mr Truss), 11 May 2004.



13 May 2004

On the motion of Mr Randall, by leave, the report was agreed to.