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Mr Rudd, pursuant to notice, moved—That this House:

(1) recognises the continued, central importance of Afghanistan as critical to the war against terrorism;

(2) recognises that al Qaeda, the Taliban and associated terrorist organisations continue to pose a security threat to the government of Afghanistan;

(3) recognises that removing this threat requires both the political transformation and economic reconstruction of Afghanistan with the full support of the international community; and

(4) recognises that Australia must play a significant and substantive role, both bilaterally and multilaterally in underpinning a long-term, secure future for the people of Afghanistan.

Debate ensued.

At 1.45 p.m., the time allotted for the debate having expired, the debate was interrupted in accordance with standing order 106A, Mr Scott was granted leave to continue his speech when the debate is resumed, and the resumption of the debate was made an order of the day for the next sitting.