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The following papers were deemed to have been presented on 22 March 2004:

Australian Crime Commission Act—Regulations—Statutory Rules 2004 No. 31.

Broadcasting Services Act—Broadcasting Services (Events) Notice No. 1 of 1994—Amendment 2004 No. 1.

Commonwealth Authorities and Companies Act—Orders—2004 Commonwealth Authorities and Companies (Financial Statements for reporting periods ending on or after 30 June 2004).

Copyright Act—Declaration under paragraph 10A (1)(c), 8 March 2004.

Corporations Act—Regulations—Statutory Rules 2004 No. 36.

Currency Act—Determination—2004 Currency (Royal Australian Mint)—Amendment (No. 1).

Customs Act—Regulations—Statutory Rules 2004 No. 32.

Defence Act—Determination under section 58B—2004 No. 8.

Export Control Act—Export Control (Orders) Regulations—

Export Control (Fees) Amendment Orders—2004 (No. 1).

Prescribed Goods (General) Amendment Orders—2004 (No. 2).

Export Inspection (Establishment Registration Charges) Act—Regulations—Statutory Rules 2004 No. 29.

Export Inspection (Service Charge) Act—Regulations—Statutory Rules 2004 No. 30.

Financial Management and Accountability Act—Orders—2004 Financial Management and Accountability (Financial Statements for reporting periods ending on or after 30 June 2004).

Fisheries Management Act—Northern Prawn Fishery Management Plan 1995—Directions—Nos NPF 76, NPF 77, NPF 78, NPF 79, NPF 80.

Income Tax Assessment Act 1936—Regulations—Statutory Rules 2004 No. 37.

Maritime Transport Security Act—Regulations—Statutory Rules 2004 No. 34.

Motor Vehicle Standards Act—Regulations—Statutory Rules 2004 No. 35.

National Handgun Buyback Act—Regulations—Statutory Rules 2004 No. 33.

National Health Act—Determinations under subsection 5D(1)—2004 Nos AOS 3, AOS 4.

Remuneration Tribunal Act—Remuneration Tribunal—Determinations—2004 Nos 1, 2.

Sydney Airport Curfew Act—Dispensation—2004 No. 4.

Taxation Administration Act—

Determination—2004 No. TD 3.

Rulings—2004 Nos CR 24, CR 25, CR 26, PR 28, PR 29, PR 30, PR 31.