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Questions without notice being asked—


Mr Howard (Prime Minister) presented the following papers:

Inquiry into intelligence agencies—

Copy of letter from Mr Howard, Prime Minister, to Mr Philip Flood AO, 4 March 2004.

Press release from the Prime Minister, 4 March 2004.

Questions without notice continued.


Mr K. J. Thomson, by leave, presented the following paper:

Point Nepean Community Group Trust—Copy of letter from Point Nepean Community Group Trust members, to Fran Bailey, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Defence, 2 March 2004.

Questions without notice continuing—


Mr M. A. J. Vaile (Minister for Trade) presented the following papers:

Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement (Draft)—

Volume 1, Chapters 1-23.

Volume 2, Annex 2-B Tariff Elimination; Annex 4-A Textile Rules of Origin; Annex 5-A Rules of Origin.

Questions without notice continued.