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The following papers were presented:

Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation—Report for 2002-03—Errata.

Private Health Insurance Administration Council—Report on the operations of the Registered Health Benefits Organisations for 2002-03—Errata.


Bilateral—Text, together with national interest analysis and annexures—

Consular agreement between Australia and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (Hanoi, 29 July 2003).

Multilateral—Text, together with national interest analysis and annexures—

Amendments, made at Marrakesh 2002, to the constitution and convention of the International Telecommunication Union (Geneva 1992) as amended by the Plenipotentiary Conference (Kyoto 1994) and by the Plenipotentiary Conference (Minneapolis 1998).

Withdrawal from the agreement establishing the international fund for agricultural development (Rome, 13 June 1976).

World Tourism Organization (WTO) statutes (Mexico City, 27 September 1970).