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Messages from His Excellency the Governor-General were announced informing the House that His Excellency, in the name of Her Majesty, had assented to the following Bills:

4 December 2003—Message No. 198—

Offshore Petroleum (Safety Levies) 2003.

Petroleum (Submerged Lands) Amendment 2003.

Customs Legislation Amendment (No. 1) 2003.

5 December 2003—

Message No. 199—

Medical Indemnity (IBNR Indemnity) Contribution Amendment 2003.

Medical Indemnity Amendment 2003.

Family and Community Services and Veterans' Affairs Legislation Amendment (2003 Budget and Other Measures) 2003.

International Tax Agreements Amendment 2003.

Message No. 200—

Ozone Protection (Licence Fees—Imports) Amendment 2003.

Ozone Protection (Licence Fees—Manufacture) Amendment 2003.

Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Legislation Amendment 2003.

Fuel Quality Standards Amendment 2003.

8 December 2003—Message No. 201—

Australian Protective Service Amendment 2003.

12 December 2003—Message No. 202—

Spam 2003.

Spam (Consequential Amendments) 2003.

Maritime Transport Security 2003.

Non-Proliferation Legislation Amendment 2003.

17 December 2003—

Message No. 203—

ASIO Legislation Amendment 2003.

Commonwealth Electoral Amendment (Members of Local Government Bodies) 2003.

States Grants (Primary and Secondary Education Assistance) Amendment 2003.

Aboriginal Land Grant (Jervis Bay Territory) Amendment 2003.

Message No. 204—

Customs Legislation Amendment (No. 2) 2003.

Workplace Relations Amendment (Improved Protection for Victorian Workers) 2003.

Family Law Amendment 2003.

Message No. 205—

Designs 2003.

Designs (Consequential Amendments) 2003.

Message No. 206—

Legislative Instruments 2003.

Legislative Instruments (Transitional Provisions and Consequential Amendments) 2003.

Financial Services Reform Amendment 2003.

Taxation Laws Amendment (No. 5) 2003.

Message No. 207—

New Business Tax System (Taxation of Financial Arrangements) (No. 1) 2003.

Trade Practices Legislation Amendment 2003.

Defence Legislation Amendment 2003.

19 December 2003—Message No. 208—

Higher Education Support 2003.

Higher Education Support (Transitional Provisions and Consequential Amendments) 2003.