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Mr M. J. Ferguson, pursuant to notice, moved—That this House:

(1) acknowledges that 2003 marks the celebration of 100 years of piloted flight;

(2) notes the Wright Brothers' achievement in successfully undertaking the first flight as the culmination of a centuries' old quest by philosophers, scientists and engineers to turn the dream of flight into a reality that redefined the boundaries of scientific capacity;

(3) notes that, in the 100 years since the first piloted flight, the outstanding development in air travel has taken us from the Wright Brothers' Kitty Hawk flight to the Moon;

(4) recognises that the invention, growth and refinement of piloted flight has allowed us to cross and expand our boundaries, both personal, cultural, economic and national, enriching our experiences and bringing people of the world closer together;

(5) notes that the aviation industry has also fostered inter and intra State and Territory trade, commerce and experiences;

(6) recognises the importance of the aviation industry to Australian jobs, skills and industry, in particular, to the tourism, aeronautical, technical, engineering, and export industries;

(7) acknowledges the aviation industry as an important provider of high skilled jobs to Australians;

(8) notes with disappointment the collapse of Ansett Airlines and recognises the valuable role that Ansett played in the development of the aviation industry in Australia;

(9) notes proudly that Qantas is an Australian icon, recognised throughout the world and one of Australia's largest private sector employers;

(10) welcomes the newer players in Australia like Virginblue and Regional Express and recognises the important contribution of regional airlines and operators to our regional communities;

(11) acknowledges the work, enterprise, innovation, ingenuity, commitment, passion and enthusiasm of all those who have worked in aviation over the past one hundred years;

(12) pays its respects to all those who have died in the pursuit of work and recreation in aviation;

(13) notes the negative effect of the terrorist attacks of September 11 on the global aviation and associated industries and expresses our hope that the industry will recover;

(14) notes the vital need for Federal Government efforts to ensure that airline passengers can travel in the safest possible environment, in particular now Australia is a terrorist target, to restore confidence in air travel; and

(15) notes the importance of a competitive and sustainable local aviation industry.

Debate ensued.

The time allotted for private Members' business having expired, the debate was interrupted, and the resumption of the debate made an order of the day for the next sitting.