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Messages from the Senate were reported returning the following Bills without amendment:

26 June 2003—

No. 301—Industrial Chemicals (Notification and Assessment) Amendment 2003.

No. 302—Migration Legislation Amendment (Protected Information) 2003.

No. 303—Customs Amendment (No. 1) 2003.

No. 304—Customs Tariff Amendment (No. 1) 2003.

No. 305—Appropriation (No. 1) 2003-2004 (without requests).

No. 306—Appropriation (No. 2) 2003-2004.

No. 307—Appropriation (Parliamentary Departments) (No. 1) 2003-2004.

11 August 2003No. 308—Product Stewardship (Oil) Legislation Amendment (No. 1) 2003.