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Messages from the Senate, 26 June 2003, were reported:

(a) returning the following Bills without amendment:

 No. 282—HIH Royal Commission (Transfer of Records) 2003;

 No. 283—National Health Amendment (Private Health Insurance Levies) 2003;

 No. 284—Private Health Insurance (ACAC Review Levy) 2003 (without requests);

 No. 285—Private Health Insurance (Collapsed Organization Levy) 2003 (without requests);

 No. 286—Private Health Insurance (Council Administration Levy) 2003 (without requests);

 No. 287—Private Health Insurance (Reinsurance Trust Fund Levy) 2003 (without requests);

 No. 288—Governor-General Amendment 2003;

 No. 289—Workplace Relations Amendment (Protection for Emergency Management Volunteers) 2003; and

(b) acquainting the House that the Senate had agreed to a resolution concerning capital works within the Parliamentary Zone, being additional works connected with the reconstruction of the Old Parliament House gardens—Message No. 280.