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Ms C. F. King, pursuant to notice, moved—That this House:

(1) recognises the importance of the Western Highway to the economic well-being of the towns and cities along the highway;

(2) recognises that traffic congestion has increased with the development of housing estates at Deer Park, Burnside and Caroline Springs;

(3) acknowledges that the Western Highway has suffered from sustained financial neglect that has in turn compromised the safety and integrity of the road;

(4) further acknowledges that since 1998 there has been a total of 543 collisions on the Ballarat Highway between Anthony's Cutting and the Western Ring Road with 14 resulting in fatalities and 254 collisions resulting in serious injuries; and

(5) calls on the Government to take steps to upgrade the Western Highway, including a commitment to the freeway standard link between the Western Highway and the Western Ring Road (Deer Park Bypass).

Debate ensued.

Debate adjourned, and the resumption of the debate made an order of the day for the next sitting.