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The order of the day having been read for the resumption of the debate on the motion of Mr Abbott (Leader of the House)—That the House take note of the paper (presented on 4 February2003) viz.:

Iraq—Ministerial Statement, 4 February 2003—And on the amendment moved thereto by Mr Andren, viz.—That the following words be added to the motion: "and insists that in the absence of specific, unambiguous and unanimous support of the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, Australian defence forces not be involved in any military action in Iraq"—And on the amendment moved thereto by Mr McClelland to the proposed amendment, viz.—That all words after "and" be omitted with a view to substituting the following words:

"(1) condemns the Government for forward-deploying Australian troops to a potential theatre of war with Iraq in the absence of any United Nations authorisation and without revealing to the Australian people the commitments on which that deployment was based;

(2) declares its opposition to a unilateral military attack on Iraq by the United States;

(3) insists that the disarmament of Iraq proceed under the authority of the United Nations;

(4) expresses its full support and confidence in our servicemen and women, while expressing its opposition to the Government's decision to forward-deploy them;

(5) expresses its total opposition to any use of nuclear arms and declares that Australian support should not be provided to any operation where such weaponry may be used; and

(6) declares that it has no confidence in the Prime Minister's handling of this grave matter for the nation"—

Debate resumed.

Suspension of sitting

At 12.55 p.m., the Deputy Speaker left the Chair.

Resumption of sitting

At 4.33 p.m., the Deputy Speaker resumed the Chair.

Debate resumed.

Suspension of sitting

At 5.27 p.m. a division having been called in the House, the proceedings were suspended.

Resumption of sitting

At 5.40 p.m., the proceedings were resumed.

Debate continued.

Mr Griffin addressing the Main Committee—

Closure moved

Mr Andren moved—That the question be now put.

Question—put and not being resolved—matter to be reported to the House.