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Messages from His Excellency the Governor-General were announced informing the House that His Excellency, in the name of Her Majesty, had assented to the following Bills:

6 December 2002—Message No. 97—Workplace Relations Amendment (Genuine Bargaining) 2002.

10 December 2002—Message—

No. 95—

Charter of the United Nations Amendment 2002.

Australian Crime Commission Establishment 2002.

No. 96—Broadcasting Legislation Amendment (No. 1) 2002.

11 December 2002—Message—No. 94—

Workplace Relations Legislation Amendment 2002.

Trade Practices Amendment (No. 1) 2002.

International Tax Agreements Amendment (No. 2) 2002.

18 December 2002—Message—No. 98—

Health Insurance Amendment (Professional Services Review and Other Matters) 2002.

Bankruptcy Legislation Amendment 2002.

19 December 2002—Message—

No. 99—

Medical Indemnity 2002.

Medical Indemnity (Consequential Amendments) 2002.

Medical Indemnity (Enhanced UMP Indemnity) Contribution 2002.

Medical Indemnity (IBNR Indemnity) Contribution 2002.

No. 100—Plant Breeder's Rights Amendment 2002.

No. 101—

Prohibition of Human Cloning 2002.

Research Involving Human Embryos 2002.

Trade Practices Amendment (Liability for Recreational Services) 2002.

Family and Community Services Legislation Amendment (Special Benefit Activity Test) 2002.

No. 102—

Taxation Laws Amendment (Venture Capital) 2002.

Venture Capital 2002.

Taxation Laws Amendment (Earlier Access to Farm Management Deposits) 2002.

Taxation Laws Amendment (Structured Settlements and Structured Orders) 2002.

No. 103—

Telecommunications Competition 2002.

Crimes Legislation Amendment (People Smuggling, Firearms Trafficking and Other Measures) 2002.

National Environment Protection Council Amendment 2002.

Aviation Legislation Amendment 2002.