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Mr McClelland moved—That so much of the standing and sessional orders be suspended as would prevent the Member for Barton moving forthwith that the Attorney-General:

(1) confirm that he has held secret talks with candidates for the High Court of Australia;

(2) immediately disclose which candidates he has spoken to and precisely what he discussed with them; and

(3) explain why he has abandoned a fundamental and long-standing convention that an Attorney-General must not conduct private interviews with candidates for judicial appointment.


Mr Abbott (Leader of the House) moved—That the question be now put.

Question—That the question be now put—put.

The House divided (the Speaker, Mr J. N. Andrew, in the Chair)—

AYES, 76

Mr AbbottMr DownerMrs D. M. KellyMr Randall
Mr AndersonMrs DraperJackie KellyMr Ruddock
Mr K. J. AndrewsMrs ElsonDr KempMr Schultz
Mr AnthonyMr EntschMr P. E. KingMr Slipper
Fran BaileyMr FarmerMrs LeyMr A. D. H. Smith
Mr BairdMr Forrest*Mr LindsayMr Somlyay
Mr BaldwinMrs GallusMr LloydDr Southcott
Mr BarresiMs GambaroMr McArthur*Dr Stone
Mr BartlettMrs GashMr I. E. MacfarlaneMr C. P. Thompson
Mr BillsonMr GeorgiouMr McGauranMr Ticehurst
Mrs B. K. BishopMr HaaseMrs MayMr Tollner
Ms J. I. BishopMr HardgraveMrs MoylanMr Truss
Mr BroughMr HartsuykerMr NairnMr Tuckey
Mr CadmanMr HawkerDr NelsonMr M. A. J. Vaile
Mr CameronMr HockeyMr NevilleMrs D. S. Vale
Mr CharlesMrs HullMs PanopoulosMr Wakelin
Mr CioboMr HuntMr PearceDr Washer
Mr CobbMr JohnsonMr ProsserMr Williams
Mr CostelloMr JullMr PyneMs Worth

NOES, 53

Mr AdamsMr L. D. T. FergusonDr LawrenceMr Sawford
Mr AlbaneseMs GeorgeMs LivermoreMr Sciacca
Mr BeazleyMr GibbonsMr McClellandMr Sercombe
Mr BevisMs GillardMs J. S. McFarlaneMr Sidebottom
Ms BurkeMs GriersonMs MacklinMr S. F. Smith
Mr ByrneMr GriffinMr McLeayMr Snowdon
Ms CorcoranMs HallMr MossfieldMr Swan
Mr CoxMr HattonMr MurphyMr Tanner
Mrs CrosioMs HoareMr B. P. O'ConnorMr K. J. Thomson
Mr Danby*Mrs IrwinMs PlibersekMr Wilkie
Mr EdwardsMs JacksonMr Quick*Mr Zahra
Ms EllisMr JenkinsMr Ripoll
Mr EmersonMs C. F. KingMs Roxon
Mr EvansMr LathamMr Rudd

* Tellers

And so it was resolved in the affirmative.

And the question—That the motion for the suspension of standing and sessional orders be agreed to—being accordingly put—

The House divided (the Speaker, Mr J. N. Andrew, in the Chair)—

AYES, 54

Mr AdamsMr L. D. T. FergusonMr LathamMr Rudd
Mr AlbaneseMs GeorgeDr LawrenceMr Sawford
Mr BeazleyMr GibbonsMs LivermoreMr Sciacca
Mr BevisMs GillardMr McClellandMr Sercombe
Ms BurkeMs GriersonMs J. S. McFarlaneMr Sidebottom
Mr ByrneMr GriffinMs MacklinMr S. F. Smith
Ms CorcoranMs HallMr McLeayMr Snowdon
Mr CoxMr HattonMr MossfieldMr Swan
Mrs CrosioMs HoareMr MurphyMr Tanner
Mr Danby*Mrs IrwinMr B. P. O'ConnorMr K. J. Thomson
Mr EdwardsMs JacksonMs PlibersekMr Wilkie
Ms EllisMr JenkinsMr Quick*Mr Zahra
Mr EmersonMr KerrMr Ripoll
Mr EvansMs C. F. KingMs Roxon

NOES, 74

Mr AbbottMrs DraperMrs D. M. KellyMr Ruddock
Mr AndersonMr DuttonJackie KellyMr Schultz
Mr K. J. AndrewsMrs ElsonMr P. E. KingMr Slipper
Mr AnthonyMr EntschMrs LeyMr A. D. H. Smith
Fran BaileyMr FarmerMr LindsayMr Somlyay
Mr BairdMr Forrest*Mr LloydDr Southcott
Mr BaldwinMrs GallusMr McArthur*Dr Stone
Mr BarresiMs GambaroMr I. E. MacfarlaneMr C. P. Thompson
Mr BartlettMrs GashMr McGauranMr Ticehurst
Mr BillsonMr GeorgiouMrs MayMr Tollner
Mrs B. K. BishopMr HaaseMrs MoylanMr Truss
Ms J. I. BishopMr HardgraveMr NairnMr Tuckey
Mr BroughMr HartsuykerDr NelsonMrs D. S. Vale
Mr CadmanMr HawkerMr NevilleMr Wakelin
Mr CameronMr HockeyMs PanopoulosDr Washer
Mr CharlesMrs HullMr PearceMr Williams
Mr CioboMr HuntMr ProsserMs Worth
Mr CobbMr JohnsonMr Pyne
Mr DownerMr JullMr Randall

* Tellers

And so it was negatived.