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Questions without notice being asked—

Member ordered to withdraw

At 2.03 p.m. the Member for McMillan (Mr Zahra) was ordered, under standing order 304A, to withdraw from the House for one hour for equivocating when asked to withdraw an unparliamentary expression, and he accordingly withdrew from the Chamber.

Questions without notice continuing—


Mr Anderson (Minister for Transport and Regional Services) presented the following paper:

Tool kit for getting through the drought—Lifeline, November 2002.

Questions without notice continuing—


Mr Melham, by leave, presented the following papers:

Ethanol in petrol—

Facsimile from constituent to D. Melham MP, 5 November 2002.

Analysis report—Oilcheck Pty Ltd, 27 November 2002.

Questions without notice continuing—


Mr M. A. J. Vaile (Minister for Trade) presented the following paper:

Exports of primary and manufactured products Australia 2001-2002—Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, December 2002.

Questions without notice continued.