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Message No. 171, 2 December 2002, from the Senate was reported acquainting the House of the following resolution agreed to by the Senate:

That the Senate—

(a) notes, with concern, indications by the Government that it is considering entering into an agreement with the United States of America (US), pursuant to which Australia would agree not to surrender US nationals to the International Criminal Court without the consent of the US; and

(b) refers the proposed agreement to the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties for inquiry and report, with particular reference to the following matters:

 (i) whether the proposed agreement would breach the terms of, or be otherwise inconsistent with the spirit of, the Rome Statute which Australia has ratified;

(ii) the effect of the proposed agreement, either itself or in conjunction with similar agreements between the US and other states, on the ability of the International Criminal Court to effectively fulfil its intended function;

(iii) the implications of any extradition provisions in the proposed agreement and whether the proposed agreement would require the re-negotiation of existing extradition agreements to which Australia is a party; and

(iv) the implications of the proposed agreement with respect to Australia's national interest.