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Questions without notice being asked—


Mr Albanese, in accordance with standing order 321, having called for documents quoted from by Mr M. A. J. Vaile (Minister for Trade)—

Mr M. A. J. Vaile presented the following papers:

Australia at the Crossroads—Choosing a better way forward—Booklet printed and published by the AMWU, July 2002.

Get on with it—Extract from article by Malcolm Farr, Daily Telegraph, 9 August 2002.

Questions without notice continuing—

Member ordered to withdraw

At 3.17 p.m. the Member for Hunter (Mr Fitzgibbon) was ordered, under standing order 304A, to withdraw from the House for one hour for continuing to interject after a warning had been given from the Chair, and he accordingly withdrew from the Chamber.

Questions without notice continuing—


Mr Rudd, by leave, presented the following papers:

North American integration and Canada's role in the light of new security challenges—Evidence from a hearing by the Canadian Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade, 4 June 2002.

Foreign policy aspects of the war against terrorism—Report of the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee, 12 June 2002.

Questions without notice continued.