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Messages from the Senate, 27 June 2002, were reported returning the following Bills without amendment:


No. 55—International Criminal Court 2002.

No. 56—International Criminal Court (Consequential Amendments) 2002.

No. 52—Criminal Code Amendment (Suppression of Terrorist Bombings) 2002.

No. 57—Australian Protective Service Amendment 2002.

No. 58—International Tax Agreements Amendment (No. 1) 2002.

No. 59—Taxation Laws Amendment (No. 2) 2002.

No. 60—Therapeutic Goods and Other Legislation Amendment 2002.

No. 62—Statute Law Revision 2002.

No. 63—Bankruptcy (Estate Charges) Amendment 2002 (without requests).

No. 64—Disability Discrimination Amendment 2002.