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The following papers were deemed to have been presented on 25 June 2002:

Australian Bureau of Statistics Act—Australian Bureau of Statistics—Proposals—2002 Nos 10, 11, 12.

Disability Services Act—


Disability Services (Administration of Part II of the Act).

Disability Services (Rehabilitation Programs).

Standards—2002 Disability Services (Disability Employment and Rehabilitation Program).

Export Control Act—Export Control (Orders) Regulations—Livestock Export (Merino) Orders (Amendment) 2002 No. 1.

Export Market Development Grants Act—Determination—2002 No. 1.

Sydney Airport Curfew Act—Dispensation—2002 No. 4.

Taxation Administration Act—Rulings—

2001 No. TR 14 (Addendum).

2002 Nos PR 90, PR 91, PR 92, PR 93, PR 94, TR 10.

Telecommunications Act 1997—Declaration—2002 Carrier Licence Conditions (Telstra Corporation Limited) 1997—Amendment (No. 2).

Telecommunications (Consumer Protection and Service Standards) Act—Determination—2002 Telstra Carrier Charges—Price Control Arrangements, Notification and Disallowance No. 1.