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Mr Windsor, by leave, moved—That the House's program be altered to allow Members to debate the serious issue of public liability insurance to guide the Federal representatives before they attend the inter-governmental Summit scheduled on the issue for Wednesday, 27 March 2002, and that this House—

(1) recognises the widespread distress being caused by the insurance crisis and requires a multi faceted approach by all levels of Government and the community to solve this dilemma;

(2) recognises the comments made by the Prime Minister in question time last week "that there is not one level of government that can tackle the problem";

(3) notes with alarm the Treasurer's reply in Question time today that the only Federal Government role will be to facilitate talks on the issue;

(4) acknowledges that under paragraph 51(xiv) of the Australian Constitution insurance is very much a Federal issue and demands that the Prime Minister takes a leadership role in relation to the National Insurance Summit being held on Wednesday 27 March 2002;

(5) acknowledges that this is the last opportunity for this House to send a message to the Government and the States, the views of our constituents prior to the insurance summit;

(6) recommends that a Joint Select Committee of Federal Parliament be established to address this important issue of public liability insurance with the widest possible terms of reference; and

(7) recognises and acknowledges that until a permanent and systemic solution to the public liability insurance crisis is found, the Government must implement emergency measures to allow public life and events to continue without fear of unreasonable public liability exposure.

Debate ensued.

Debate adjourned (Mr Abbott—Leader of the House), and the resumption of the debate made an order of the day for the next sitting.