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The order of the day having been read for the resumption of the debate on the question—That the Bill be now read a second time—

Debate resumed.

Mr Emerson moved, as an amendment—That all words after "That" be omitted with a view to substituting the following words: "the House is of the opinion that the bill should not be proceeded with, and:

(1) calls on the Prime Minister to honour his promise to release the Tax Office audit report into the GST activities of the Queensland Division of the Liberal Party;

(2) notes that the audit confirmed that the GST scam perpetrated in the Groom FEC was conducted more generally by the Liberal Party throughout other areas of Queensland;

(3) notes that the Tax Office imposed a 50% penalty tax on the Queensland Division of the Liberal Party, indicating the falsehood of Government claims that the GST scam was an `error' or a `mistake';

(4) calls on the Treasurer to explain the details of the $143,000 worth of sponsorships and internal Liberal Party transfers upon which GST was not paid when it should have been; and

(5) calls on the Minister for Industry, Tourism and Resources to explain whether or not his FEC used the proceeds of the GST scam, which were in the FEC bank account as at August 2001, for his re-election campaign".

Debate continued.

Mr Andren addressing the House—