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Ms Worth (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Health and Ageing), by leave, moved—That Members be appointed as members of certain committees in accordance with the following schedule:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander AffairsMr Danby, Mrs Draper, Mr Haase, Ms Hoare, Mrs Hull, Dr Lawrence, Mr Lloyd, Mr Snowdon, Mr Tollner, Mr Wakelin.
AgeingMr Albanese, Ms Gambaro, Ms Hall, Mr Hartsuyker, Mr Hunt, Mrs May, Mr Mossfield, Mr Quick, Mr A. D. H. Smith, Dr Southcott.
Agriculture, Fisheries and ForestryMr Adams, Mrs Elson, Mr Forrest, Mrs Gash, Mrs Ley, Mr Schultz, Mr Secker, Mr Sidebottom, Mr Windsor, Mr Zahra.
Communications, Information Technology and the ArtsMr Baldwin, Mr Ciobo, Ms Grierson, Mr Hatton, Mr Johnson, Mrs May, Mr Pearce, Mr Pyne, Mr Sercombe, Mr Tanner.
Economics, Finance and Public AdministrationMr Albanese, Ms Burke, Ms Gambaro, Mr Griffin, Mr Hawker, Mr Latham, Mr Nairn, Mr Pyne, Mr Somlyay, Dr Southcott.
Education and TrainingMr Bartlett, Mr Cox, Mrs Elson, Ms Gambaro, Mr Johnson, Mrs May, Mr Pearce, Ms Plibersek, Mr Sawford, Mr Sidebottom.
Employment and Workplace RelationsMr Barresi, Mr Bevis, Mr Dutton, Ms Hall, Mr Hartsuyker, Mrs D. M. Kelly, Ms Panopoulos, Mr Schultz, Ms Vamvakinou, Mr Wilkie.
Environment and HeritageMr Barresi, Mr Billson, Mr Cobb, Ms George, Mr Hunt, Mr Jenkins, Mr Kerr, Mr Lindsay, Ms Livermore, Mr McArthur.
Family and Community AffairsMr Cadman, Mrs Draper, Mr Dutton, Mr Edwards, Ms Ellis, Ms George, Mrs Hull, Mrs Irwin, Mr Pearce, Mr C. P. Thompson.
Industry and ResourcesMr Adams, Mr Byrne, Mr Gibbons, Mr Haase, Mr Hatton, Mr Prosser, Mr Randall, Mr Somlyay, Mr C. P. Thompson, Dr Washer.
Legal and Constitutional AffairsMrs B. K. Bishop, Ms J. I. Bishop, Mr Cadman, Mr Kerr, Mr Melham, Mr Murphy, Ms Panopoulos, Mr Sciacca, Mr Secker, Dr Washer.
Science and InnovationMs Corcoran, Mr Evans, Mr Forrest, Ms Grierson, Mr Hatton, Mr Lindsay, Mr Nairn, Mr A. D. H. Smith, Mr Ticehurst, Dr Washer.
Transport and Regional ServicesMr Andren, Mr Gibbons, Mr Haase, Mrs Ley, Mr McArthur, Mr Mossfield, Mr Neville, Ms O'Byrne, Mr Schultz, Mr Secker.
HouseMr Charles, Mrs Crosio, Mr Haase, Ms Jackson, Mr Quick, Mr Somlyay.
LibraryMr Adams, Mrs Draper, Mr L. D. T. Ferguson, Mr Georgiou, Ms Hoare, Mr Randall.
Members' InterestsMrs Crosio, Mr Haase, Mr Jenkins, Mr Lindsay, Mr Neville, Mr Quick, Mr C. P. Thompson.
PrivilegesMr Baird, Mr Billson, Mrs B. K. Bishop, Mr Brereton, Mr M. J. Ferguson, Mr McLeay, Mr Sawford, Mr Scott, Mr Somlyay.
ProcedureMrs B. K. Bishop, Mr M. J. Ferguson, Mr Haase, Mr P. E. King, Mrs May, Mr Price, Ms Vamvakinou.
PublicationsMr Adams, Mr Cobb, Mrs Crosio, Mrs D. M. Kelly, Ms J. S. McFarlane, Mr Randall, Mr Tollner.
Broadcasting of Parliamentary ProceedingsMs J. S. McFarlane, Mr Price.
Corporations and Financial ServicesMr Byrne, Mr Ciobo, Mr Griffin, Mr Hunt, Mr McArthur.
National Crime AuthorityMr Baird, Mr Dutton, Mr Kerr, Mr  Sercombe, Mr C. P. Thompson.
Native Title and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Land FundMr Cobb, Dr Lawrence, Ms Panopoulos, Mr Secker, Mr Snowdon.
Public Accounts and AuditMr Charles, Mr Ciobo, Mr Cobb, Mr Georgiou, Ms Grierson, Mr Griffin, Ms C. F. King, Mr P. E. King, Ms Plibersek, Mr Somlyay.
Public WorksMr Jenkins, Mr Lindsay, Mr Lloyd, Mrs Moylan, Mr B. P. J. O'Connor, Mr Ripoll.
Electoral MattersMr Danby, Mr Forrest, Mr Georgiou, Mrs Ley, Mr Melham.
Foreign Affairs, Defence and TradeMr Baird, Mr Baldwin, Mr Beazley, Mr Bevis, Mr Brereton, Mr Edwards, Mr L. D. T. Ferguson, Mrs Gash, Mr Hawker, Mr Jull, Mr Lindsay, Dr Martin, Mrs Moylan, Mr Nairn, Mr Price, Mr Prosser, Mr Scott, Mr Snowdon, Mr Somlyay, Mr C. P. Thompson.
MigrationMr L. D. T. Ferguson, Ms Gambaro, Mrs Gash, Mrs Irwin, Mr Ripoll, Mr Schultz.
National Capital and External TerritoriesMs Ellis, Mr Johnson, Mr Neville, Mr Snowdon, Mr C. P. Thompson.
TreatiesMr Adams, Mr Baldwin, Mr Bartlett, Ms J. I. Bishop, Mr Ciobo, Mr Evans, Mr P. E. King, Mr Scott, Mr Wilkie.
Question—put and passed.