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The following papers were deemed to have been presented on 28 August 2001:

Australian Bureau of Statistics Act—Australian Bureau of Statistics—Proposal—2001 No. 10.

Migration Act—Direction under section 499—2001 No. 21.

Motor Vehicle Standards Act—Road Vehicle (National Standards)—Determination—2001 No. 4.

Parliament Act—Parliamentary Zone—Commonwealth Place—Approval of external lighting design, change of tree species and alterations to the exhaust flues.

Superannuation Act 1990—Fourteenth amending deed to the deed to establish an occupational superannuation scheme for Commonwealth employees and certain other persons, pursuant to section 5, 20 August 2001.

Taxation Administration Act—Rulings—

1999 No. PR 98 (Addendum).

2000 Nos PR 32 (Addendum), PR 80 (Addendum).

2001 Nos CR 17 (Addendum), CR 36, CR 37.