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The following papers were presented:

Australia-Japan Foundation—Report for 1999-2000.

Australian National Railways Commission (Australia National)—Report for 1999-2000.

Corporations and Securities—Joint Statutory Committee—Report—Mandatory Bid Rule—Government response.


Advance to the Minister for Finance and Administration—Statements for April, May, June, August 2000.

Supporting applications of issues from the Advance during April, May, June, August 2000.

Departmental Items—Adjustments and Borrowings for April, May, June 2000.

Supporting applications of issues from Departmental Items—Adjustments and Borrowings during April, May, June 2000.

Health Services Australia—Report for 1999-2000.

Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission—Report for 1999-2000.

Petitions not in accord with standing and sessional orders of the House—

Requesting the Government to discontinue support for economic sanctions against Iraq (Mr Albanese, 803 petitioners).

Requesting the Prime Minister and the Federal Government to say sorry to Indigenous Australia on behalf of the nation (Mr Andren, 580 petitioners).