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Mr Ripoll, for Mr Latham, pursuant to notice, moved—That this House:

(1) recognises the potential of Internet democracy as a way of fostering greater public participation in politics and rebuilding public trust in democratic processes;

(2) notes the US experience in conducting elections through Internet voting, plus the development of mass participation in Internet polls;

(3) notes the strong interest of the Australian Electoral Commission in the development of Internet voting; and

(4) recognises the need to reform representative democracy and create a charter of issues and governmental responsibilities determined by direct democracy.

Debate ensued.

At 1.45 p.m., the time allotted for the debate having expired, the debate was interrupted in accordance with standing order 106A, Mr C. P. Thompson was granted leave to continue his speech when the debate is resumed and the resumption of the debate was made an order of the day for the next sitting.