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The Speaker referred to the further raising by Mr Kerr, on 3 October, of an issue of privilege in respect of a Mr W. Sievers, who had appeared before the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade in November 1999 (see item No. 5, Votes and Proceedings No. 89, 15 February 2000 and item No. 8, Votes and Proceedings No. 98, 15 March 2000).

The Speaker said that while Mr Kerr had informed the House of further developments in relation to Mr Sievers, and while the protection of committee witnesses was most important, as far as he could see no new information concerning any issue of privilege had been presented. He said, however, that if the Joint Committee wished to present further information, he would consider it.


The Speaker presented the following paper:

Federal Police investigate one of their own over leaks—Transcript of 7.30 Report, 28 September 2000.