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The order of the day having been read for the resumption of the debate on the question—That the Bill be now read a second time—

Debate resumed.

Mr Tanner moved, as an amendment—That all words after "That" be omitted with a view to substituting the following words:

"whilst not declining to give the Bill a second reading, the House condemns the Government for its:

(1) failure to address the significant investment needs in the areas of education, health and the provision of social services in the 2000-2001 Budget;

(2) wasteful and profligate spending on poor quality programs to buy Democrat support for its unfair GST;

(3) misuse of over $360 million of taxpayers' money on its politically partisan GST advertising campaign;

(4) reduction of a potential Budget cash surplus in 2000-2001 of $11 billion, to a real Budget deficit of $2.1 billion;

(5) use of creative accounting techniques in an attempt to deceive the Australian public on the true state of the Budget;

(6) mishandling of the move to accrual accounting by providing complex, confusing and uninformative budget documents;

(7) failure to identify in the Budget papers the cost of GST collection and implementation; and

(8) failure to put in place arrangements that deliver its guarantee that no Australian will be worse off as a result of the GST package".

Debate continued.

Mrs Elson addressing the House—