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Dr Theophanous raised, as a matter of privilege, the alleged improper interference with the performance of his duties as a Member by officers of the National Crime Authority.

Papers and audio tapes

Dr Theophanous presented the following:

Dr Theophanous and the National Crime Authority—

Chronology—4 August 1998 to 24 March 1999.

Comments by NCA Chairman Mr John Broome—Transcript of Channel Nine Sundayprogram, 28 June 1999.

Committal hearing at Magistrates' Court, Melbourne—Audio tapes of proceedings (10).

House of Representatives Hansard—Copy of extract, 20 June 1996.

Joint Committee on Migration—Immigration entry requirements for the Olympic Games—Transcript of discussion, 5 February 1999.

Letter from—

John Broome, Chairman, National Crime Authority to Dr Theophanous, 3 May 1999.

Vanessa Twigg, Senior Solicitor, National Crime Authority to Mr Ben Wyatt, Rigby Cooke, 7 March 2000.

Media release from Rigby Cooke Lawyers, 10 March 2000.

National Crime Authority—The involvement of the National Crime Authority in controlled operations—Submission to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on the National Crime Authority, May 1999.

National Crime Authority—Parliamentary Joint Committee—Report—Street legal: The involvement of the National Crime Authority in Controlled Operations, December 1999—Extract.

Statement by Dr Theophanous on the Sundayprogram on the National Crime Authority, 28 June 1999.

Tape 5153 of court hearing featuring the beginning of testimony by Mr Geoff Arnold, NCA—Transcript, 18 February 2000.

Tape 5340 sides A and B—Redlich speaks of illegality of NCA—Transcript, 17 February 2000.

The Speaker stated that he would consider the matter and report to the House at a later time.