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The following papers were presented:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commercial Development Corporation—Report for 1998-99.

Aged Care Act—Report for period 1 October 1997 to 30 June 1999.

Anindilyakwa Land Council—Report for 1998-99.

Australia-China Council—Report for 1998-99.

Australian Rail Track Corporation Limited—Report for 1998-99.

Australian Sports Drug Agency—Report for 1998-99—Erratum.

Australian Wheat Board—Report for 1998-99.

Centrelink—Data-matching program—Report for 1998-99.

Committee reports—Government responses to parliamentary committee reports—Response, 7 December 1999, to the schedule tabled by the Speaker in the House of Representatives on 29 June 1999.

Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry—Report for 1998-99—Corrigendum.

Department of Finance and Administration—Report for 1998-99—Corrigenda.

Department of Veterans[quot ] Affairs—Data-matching program—Report for 1998-99—Corrigendum.

Energy Research and Development Corporation—Report for 1998-99.

Export Market Development Grants—List of grant recipients—1998-99.

Finance—Advance to the Minister for Finance and Administration—

Statements for September 1999.

Supporting applications of issues from the Advance during September 1999.

Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission—Report for 1998-99.

Joint Coal Board—Report for 1998-99.

Landcare Australia Limited—Report for 1998-99.

Pooled Development Funds Registration Board—Report for 1998-99.

Private Health Insurance Administration Council—Report on the operations of the registered health benefits organisations for 1998-99.

Productivity Commission—Report for 1998-99.

Treaties—Joint Standing Committee—Report—18th—Multilateral Agreement on Investment—Government response.