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The following papers were presented:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission—Report for 1998-99.

Administrative Appeals Tribunal—Report for 1998-99.

Attorney-General[quot ]s Department—Report for 1998-99.

Australia Foundation for Culture and the Humanities—Financial statements for 1998-99.

Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research—Report for 1998-99.

Australian Dried Fruits Board—Report for 1998-99.

Australian Electoral Commission—Report for 1998-99.

Australian Hearing Services—Report for 1998-99.

Australian Horticultural Corporation—Report for 1998-99.

Australian Institute of Marine Science—Report for 1998-99.

Australian National Railways Commission (Australian National)—Report for 1998-99.

Australian National Residue Survey Program—Report for 1998-99.

Australian Sports Drug Agency—Report for 1998-99.

Australian Transport Safety Bureau—Investigation report B98/166—Systemic investigation into Class G airspace demonstration.

Centrelink—Report for 1998-99—Erratum.

Commissioner of Taxation—Report for 1998-99.

Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal—Report for 1998-99.

Defence Housing Authority—Report for 1998-99.

Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry—Report for 1998-99.

Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts—Report for 1998-99.

Department of Industry, Science and Resources—Report for 1998-99.

Director of National Parks and Wildlife—Report for 1998-99.

Employment National Limited—Financial statements for 1998-99.

Employment Services Regulatory Authority—Report for 1998-99.

Health Services Australia—Report for 1998-99.

Industry Research and Development Board—Report for 1998-99.

Infant Formula—Advisory panel on the marketing in Australia—Report for 1998-99.

Maritime Industry Finance Company Limited—Report for 1998-99.

Members of Parliament (Staff) Act—Report on consultants engaged under section 4, 1998-99.

Migration—Joint Standing Committee—Report—Australia[quot ]s visa system for visitors—Government response, November 1999.

Murray-Darling Basin Commission—Report for 1998-99.

National Capital Authority—Report for 1998-99—Errata.

National Native Title Tribunal—Report for 1998-99.

Office of Asset Sales and Information Technology Outsourcing—Report for 1998-99.

Office of Parliamentary Counsel—Report for 1998-99.

Official Establishments Trust—Report for 1998-99.

Productivity Commission—Report No. 7—International Telecommunications Market Regulation, 23 August 1999.

Professional Services Review—Report for 1998-99.

Protection of Movable Cultural Heritage Act—Report on the Act and National Cultural Heritage Fund for 1998-99.

Public Accounts and Audit—Joint Committee—Report—369—Australian Government Procurement—Government response, November 1999.

Public Service and Merit Protection Commission—Reports—1998-99—

State of the service.

Workplace diversity.

Royal Australian Mint—Report for 1998-99.

Royal Australian Navy Relief Trust Fund—Report for 1998-99.

Seafarers Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Authority—Report for 1998-99.

Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Authority—Report for 1998-99.

Welfare reform: The challenge of welfare dependency in the 21st century—Discussion paper by Minister for Family and Community Services.