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Mr Lieberman (Chair) presented the following paper:


The Publications Committee reports that it has met in conference with the Publications Committee of the Senate.

The Committee, having considered documents presented to Parliament since 30 September 1999, recommends that the following be printed:

Aboriginal Hostels Limited—Report for 1998-99.

Aboriginal Land Commissioner—Report for 1998-99.

Aboriginals Benefit Reserve—Report for 1998-99.

Affirmative Action Agency—Report for 1998-99.

Albury-Wodonga Development Corporation—Report for 1998-99.

Army and Air Force Canteen Service Board of Management—Report for 1998-99.

Australia Council—Report for 1998-99.

Australia New Zealand Food Authority—Report for 1998-99.

Australia-Japan Foundation—Report for 1998-99.

Australian Broadcasting Authority—Report for 1998-99.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation—Report for 1998-99.

Australian Communications Authority—Report for 1998-99.

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission—Report for 1998-99.

Australian Customs Service—Report for 1998-99.

Australian Dairy Corporation—Report for 1998-99.

Australian Federal Police—Report for 1998-99.

Australian Film Commission—Report for 1998-99.

Australian Film, Television and Radio School—Report for 1998-99.

Australian Industrial Relations Commission and the Australian Industrial Registry—Reports for 1998-99.

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies—Report for 1998-99.

Australian Institute of Criminology and the Criminology Research Council—Reports for 1998-99.

Australian Institute of Family Studies—Report for 1998-99.

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare—Report for 1998-99.

Australian Landcare Council—Report for 1998-99.

Australian Maritime Safety Authority—Report for 1998-99.

Australian Military Forces Relief Trust Fund—Report for 1998-99.

Australian National Maritime Museum—Report for 1998-99.

Australian National Training Authority—

Australia[quot ]s vocational education and training system—Reports for 1998 Vols 1, 2, 3.

Report for 1998-99.

Australian Pork Corporation—Report for 1998-99.

Australian Postal Corporation (Australia Post)—Report for 1998-99.

Australian Prudential Regulation Authority—Report for 1998-99.

Australian Safeguards Office and Non-Proliferation Office—Reports for 1998-99.

Australian Securities and Investments Commission—Report for 1998-99.

Australian Sports Commission—Report for 1998-99.

Australian Statistics Advisory Council—Report for 1998-99.

Australian Tourist Commission—Report for 1998-99.

Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC)—Report for 1998-99.

Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation—Report for 1998-99.

Australian Wool Research and Promotion Organisation—Report for 1998-99.

Centrelink—Report for 1998-99.

Comcare Australia—Report, including the report of QWL Pty Limited for 1998-99.

Commissioner for Superannuation—Reports, incorporating reports on the administration and operation of the Papua New Guinea (Staffing Assistance) Act and the Superannuation Act for 1998-99.

Commonwealth Grants Commission—Report for 1998-99.

Commonwealth Ombudsman and Defence Force Ombudsman—Reports for 1998-99.

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation—Report for 1998-99.

Companies and Securities Advisory Committee—Report for 1998-99.

Cotton Research and Development Corporation—Report for 1998-99.

Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation—Report for 1998-99.

Crimes Act—Controlled operations—Report for 1998-99.

CSS Board—Report for 1998-99.

Dairy Research and Development Corporation—Report for 1998-99.

Defence Force Retirement and Death Benefits Authority—Report for 1998-99.

Department of Education, Training and Youth Affairs—Report for 1998-99.

Department of Family and Community Services—Report for 1998-99.

Department of Finance and Administration—Report for 1998-99.

Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs—Report, including a report on the Adult Migrant English Program, for 1998-99.

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet—Report for 1998-99.

Department of Transport and Regional Services—Report for 1998-99.

Dried Fruits Research and Development Council—Report for 1998-99.

Employment Advocate—Report for 1998-99.

Federal Airports Corporation—Report for 1998-99.

Film Australia Limited—Report for 1998-99.

Fisheries Research and Development Corporation—Report for 1998-99.

Grains Research and Development Corporation—Report for 1998-99.

Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation—Report for 1998-99.

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority—Report for 1998-99.

Health Insurance Commission—Report for 1998-99.

Higher Education Funding Act—Report detailing determinations made under the Act for 1998.

Indigenous Land Corporation—Report for 1998-99.

Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security—Report for 1998-99.

Land and Water Resources Research and Development Corporation—Report for 1998-99.

Military Superannuation and Benefits Board of Trustees No.1—Report for 1998-99.

National Archives of Australia and National Archives of Australia Advisory Council—Report for 1998-99.

National Capital Authority—Report for 1998-99.

National Competition Council—Report for 1998-99.

National Gallery of Australia—Report for 1998-99.

National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme—Report for 1998-99.

National Library of Australia—Report for 1998-99.

National Museum of Australia—Report for 1998-99.

National Occupational Health and Safety Commission—Report for 1998-99.

National Registration Authority for Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals—Report for 1998-99.

Northern Land Council—Report for 1998-99.

Office of the Official Secretary to the Governor-General—Report for 1998-99.

Pharmaceutical Benefits Pricing Authority—Report for 1998-99.

Pig Research and Development Corporation—Report for 1998-99.

Private Health Insurance Administration Council—Report for 1998-99.

Productivity Commission—Report—No. 8—Impact of Competition Policy Reforms on Rural and Regional Australia: Inquiry Report, 8 September 1999.

PSS Board—Report for 1998-99.

Public Service Commissioner—Report, incorporating the report of the Merit Protection and Review Agency, for 1998-99.

Remuneration Tribunal—Report for 1998-99.

Repatriation Commission, Department of Veterans[quot ] Affairs and the National Treatment Monitoring Committee—Reports for 1998-99.

Repatriation Medical Authority—Report for 1998-99.

Royal Australian Air Force Veterans[quot ] Residences Trust—Report for 1998-99.

Royal Australian Air Force Welfare Trust Fund—Report for 1998-99.

Rural Adjustment Scheme Advisory Council—Report, including a report on the Rural Adjustment Scheme for 1998-99.

Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation—Report for 1998-99.

Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission—Report for 1998-99.

Special Broadcasting Service Corporation (SBS)—Report for 1998-99.

Stevedoring Industry Finance Committee—Report for 1998-99.

Sugar Research and Development Corporation—Report for 1998-99.

Telstra Corporation Limited—Report for 1998-99.

Tobacco Research and Development Corporation—Report for 1998-99.

Torres Strait Regional Authority—Report for 1998-99.

Veterans[quot ] Review Board—Report for 1998-99.

Wet Tropics Management Authority—Report for 1998-99.

Wool International—Report for 1998-99.



21 October 1999

On the motion of Mr Lieberman, by leave, the report was agreed to.