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Message No. 231, 18 October 1999, from the Senate was reported returning the Further 1998 Budget Measures Legislation Amendment (Social Security) Bill 1999 and acquainting the House that the Senate had agreed to the bill as amended by the House at the request of the Senate, with the amendments indicated by the annexed schedule, and had agreed to the amendments made by the House.

Ordered—That the amendments be considered forthwith.

On the motion of Mr Anthony (Minister for Community Services), amendments (1) to (16) and (18) to (27) were agreed to, after debate.

On the motion of Mr Anthony, amendment (17) was disagreed to, after debate.

Mr Anthony presented reasons, which were circulated, and are as follows:

Reasons of the House of Representatives for disagreeing to the amendment of the Senate

The House of Representatives does not agree with Senate Amendment 17 because:

(1) the "grandfather" clause is inconsistent with the fiscal objectives of the CDEP package contained in the Bill which implement important features of the Spicer Report and which are supported by ATSIC; and

(2) the amendment is incorrectly drafted for the purpose for which it was stated to be intended. If the aim of the amendment was to "grandfather" the lone parents affected by the Bill, then the amendment goes too far. By negating the entire Item 53 in the Bill in relation to lone parents, it has the effect of disentitling that group from eligibility for the CDEP Participation Supplement.

On the motion of Mr Anthony, the reasons were adopted.