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The order of the day having been read for the further consideration in detail of the Bill—

Consideration in detail


Proposed expenditures—

Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, $1 230 895 000—

Department of the Treasury, $2 069 141 000—

Department of Finance and Administration, $794 458 000—

together debated and agreed to.

Proposed expenditure—Department of Family and Community Services, $3 275 796 000—debated and agreed to.

Suspension of sitting

At 1.31 p.m., the Deputy Speaker left the Chair.

Resumption of sitting

At 4.33 p.m., the Deputy Speaker resumed the Chair.

Proposed expenditure—Department of Health and Aged Care, $1 976 274 000—debated and agreed to.

Proposed expenditure—Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, $2 242 405 000—debated.

Suspension of sitting

At 5.54 p.m., a division having been called in the House, the proceedings were suspended.

Resumption of sitting

At 6.08 p.m., the proceedings were resumed.

Proposed expenditure agreed to.

Proposed expenditure—Department of Education, Training and Youth Affairs, $986 397 000—debated and agreed to.

Remainder of Bill, by leave, taken as a whole, and agreed to.

Consideration in detail concluded.

Ordered—That the Bill be reported to the House without amendment.