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Mr Costello (Treasurer) presented the following ministerial statements:

Promises kept for a stronger Australia, 11 May 1999.

Australia[quot ]s overseas aid program 1999-2000, 11 May 1999.

A better future for indigenous Australians, 11 May 1999.

Regional Australia: Meeting the challenges, 11 May 1999.

Investing in our natural and cultural heritage: The Commonwealth[quot ]s environment expenditure 1999-2000, 11 May 1999.

Strengthening and supporting Australian families, 11 May 1999.

Delivering on our commitments for women, 11 May 1999.

Our commitment to Australia[quot ]s seniors: 1999 International Year of Older Persons, 11 May 1999.

Choice and equity: Funding arrangements for non-government schools 2001-2004, 11 May 1999.