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Mr Lieberman (Chair) presented the following paper:


The Publications Committee reports that it has met in conference with the Publications Committee of the Senate.

The Committee, having considered documents presented to Parliament since 17 February 1999, recommends that the following be printed:

Aboriginal Land Commissioner—Reports and recommendations to the Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs and to the Administrator of the Northern Territory—

No. 53—Tempe Downs and Middleton Ponds/Luritja land claim no. 147.

No. 54—Central Mount Wedge land claim no. 154.

Australia and the Asian Development Bank—Report for 1997-98.

Australia and the IMF—Report for 1997-98.

Australia and the World Bank—Report for 1997-98.

Australian Hearing Services—Report for 1997-98.

Australian Wheat Board—Report for 1997-98.

Central Land Council—Report for 1997-98.

Copyright Agency Limited—Report for 1997-98.

Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission—Reports—Article 18—Freedom of religion and belief.

Northern Land Council—Report for 1997-98.

Safety Review Committee—Report for 1997-98.

Tiwi Land Council—Report for 1997-98.

Administrative Review Council—Report for 1997-98—Erratum.

Australian Trade Commission (AUSTRADE)—Report for 1997-98—Erratum.



11 March 1999

Mr Lieberman, by leave, moved—That the report be agreed to.

Question—put and passed.