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Mr Lieberman (Chair) presented the following paper:


The Publications Committee reports that it has met in conference with the Publications Committee of the Senate.

The Committee, having considered documents presented to Parliament since 10 December 1998, recommends that the following be printed:

Administrative Review Council—Reports to the Attorney-General—No. 43—Administrative review of patents decisions.

Albury-Wodonga Development Corporation—Report for 1997-98.

Anti-Dumping Authority—Report for 1997-98.

Australian Antarctic Foundation—Report for 1997-98.

Australian Dried Fruits Board—Report for 1997-98 [7th].

Australian Industry Development Corporation—Report for 1997-98.

Australian Landcare Council—Report for 1997-98.

Australian Science, Technology and Engineering Council—Report for 1997-98.

Christmas Island Casino Surveillance Authority and Casino Controller—Report for 1997-98.

Commissioner of Taxation—Data-matching program—Reports—ATO[quot ]s interaction with the program 1995-96, 1996-97 and 1997-98.

Commonwealth Services Delivery Agency (Centrelink)—Data-matching program—Report on progress 1995-98.

Companies Auditors and Liquidators Disciplinary Board—Report for 1997-98.

Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation—Report for 1997-98.

Federal Court of Australia—Report for 1997-98.

Forest and Wood Products Research and Development Corporation—Report for 1997-98.

Freedom of Information Act—Report for 1997-98.

Members of Parliament (Staff) Act—Reports on consultants engaged under section 4—1997-98.

National Crime Authority—Report for 1997-98.

National Environment Protection Council—Report for 1997-98.

Nuclear Safety Bureau—Report for 1997-98.

Pooled Development Funds Registration Board—Report for 1997-98.

Productivity Commission—Reports—No. 1—The Australian Black Coal Industry—

Volume 1.

Volume 2.

States Grants (Primary and Secondary Education Assistance) Act—Reports on financial assistance granted to each State in respect of—1997.

Telecommunications (Interception) Act—Report for 1997-98.

Tobacco Research and Development Corporation—Report for 1997-98.

Australian Law Reform Commission—Reports—No. 85—Australia[quot ]s federal record: A review of Archives Act 1983.

Bankruptcy Act—Report for 1997-98—Errata.

Finance—Budget 1998-99—Science and Technology Budget Statement—1998-99.



18 February 1999

Mr Lieberman, by leave, moved—That the report be agreed to.

Question—put and passed.