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Mr Williams (Attorney-General) moved—That:

(a) the resolution of the House of 8 and 9 April 1998 to lay aside the Native Title Amendment Bill 1997 [No. 2] be rescinded;

(b) the amendments made by the Senate to the bill be reconsidered forthwith;

(c) amendments to the bill not relevant to, or consequent upon, either the acceptance or the rejection of an amendment of the Senate may be moved by a Minister;

(d) one motion may be moved in respect of all of the amendments;

(e) debate on the motion continue for a period not exceeding 100 minutes with speech time limits as follows:

 mover of motion—20 minutes

 first Opposition Member speaking—20 minutes

next 2 Members speaking—15 minutes each

other Members—5 minutes each.

Question—put and passed.