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Messages from the Senate were reported returning the following Bills without amendment:

25 June 1998—

No. 518—Customs Tariff (Anti-Dumping) Amendment 1998.

No. 519—Customs Tariff Amendment (No. 1) 1998.

No. 520—Excise Tariff Amendment (No. 1) 1998.

No. 521—Payment Systems and Netting 1998.

No. 522—Cheques and Payment Orders Amendment (Turnback of Cheques) 1998.

No. 523—Cheques and Payment Orders Amendment 1998.

No. 524—National Firearms Program Implementation 1998.

No. 525—Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty 1998.

No. 526—Telecommunications (Carrier Licence Charges) Amendment 1998 (without requests).

No. 527—National Road Transport Commission Amendment 1998.

No. 528—Passenger Movement Charge Amendment 1998 (without requests).

No. 529—Customs Legislation (Anti-dumping Amendments) 1998.

No. 530—Taxation Laws Amendment (Company Law Review) 1998.

No. 531—Taxation Laws Amendment (Farm Management Deposits) 1998.

No. 532—Veterans[quot ] Entitlements Amendment (Male Total Average Weekly Earnings Benchmark) 1998.

No. 533—Income Tax (Untainting Tax) 1998 (without requests).

No. 534—Social Security and Veterans[quot ] Affairs Legislation Amendment (Pension Bonus Scheme) 1998.

No. 535—Social Security and Veterans[quot ] Affairs Legislation Amendment (Retirement Assistance for Farmers) 1998.

26 June 1998—No. 539—Stevedoring Levy (Imposition) 1998 (without requests).