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The Clerk announced that the following Members had each lodged petitions for presentation, viz.:

Mr Brown and Mr McClelland, from 46 and 75 petitioners, and Mr Jenkins, from 15 residents of Victoria, respectively, praying that legislation that would impact upon existing quality, affordable childcare not be passed.

Mr Andren, from 11 residents of New South Wales, praying that the privatisation of the New South Wales Adult Migrant English Service be reviewed.

Mr Bevis, from 627 residents of Queensland, praying that the House ensure that the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme does not discriminate against those with the greatest incapacity to pay for prescription medicines.

Mr Bevis, from 436 residents of Queensland, praying that the proposal to introduce nursing home entry fees be abandoned and full funding for capital assistance to nursing homes be restored.

Mr McClelland, from 69 residents of Sydney, in similar terms.

Mr Bevis, from 128 residents of Queensland, praying that changes to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme be reversed.

Mr Bevis, from 109 residents of Queensland, praying that certain legislative action be taken to protect the rights of Australian workers to secure employment.

Mr Bevis, from 108 residents of Queensland, praying that Medicare/Medibank offices be re-opened.

Mr Bevis, from 74 residents of Queensland, praying that nursing home care be equally available to all Australians on the basis of medical need alone.

Mr Bevis, from 60 petitioners, praying that certain action be taken regarding care for frail aged people.

Mr Bevis, from 26 residents of Queensland, praying that the extra tertiary places and facilities previously announced for Queensland universities be delivered.

Mr Bevis, from 2 petitioners, praying that nursing home care be available to all and that the family home be exempted from assets tests relating to payment for such care.

Mr Brown, from 27 petitioners, praying that the proposed Sexuality Discrimination Bill be rejected.

Mr R. A. Cameron, from 133 petitioners, praying that attempts to achieve the status of a republic in Australia be opposed.

Mr Halverson, from 34 petitioners, praying that action be taken to remove the exclusion of members of the Royal Australian Navy, who served in the Malaya campaign, from repatriation benefits under the Veterans[quot ] Entitlements Act.

Mr Jenkins, from 23 residents of Victoria, praying that the decision to allow mining at Jabiluka be reversed.

Mr Latham, from 21 petitioners, praying that post-secondary education be returned to a system which is fair and accessible for all Australians.

Dr Lawrence, from 44 petitioners, praying that certain actions be taken to protect all native old growth, wilderness and other high conservation value forests in Australia.

Mr McClelland, from 909 electors of the Division of Barton, praying that a commission of inquiry or judicial inquiry be established to investigate all aspects of the long term operating plan for Sydney (Kingsford-Smith) Airport including the part played by senior members of the Government.

Mr McClelland, from 60 electors of the Division of Barton, praying that the Rockdale, NSW, Medicare office remain open.

Mr Quick, from 631 petitioners, praying that Australia[quot ]s recognition of Indonesian sovereignty over East Timor be rescinded.

Mr Tanner, from 65 petitioners, praying that no further reduction be made to university funding, the imposition of undergraduate tuition fees be prevented and university staff be adequately remunerated.

Petitions received.