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The Speaker presented the following papers:

Auditor-General Act—Auditor-General—Audit reports of 1997-98—

No. 40—Performance audit—Purchase of hospital services from State Governments: Department of Veterans[quot ] Affairs.

No. 41—Financial control and administration audit—Asset management.

No. 42—Preliminary inquiries into the Natural Heritage Trust.

Severally ordered to be printed.

Mr Anderson (Minister for Primary Industries and Energy), by indulgence, making a statement in connection with audit report No. 42—

Closure of Member moved

Mr McLeay moved—That the Member be not further heard.


The House proceeding to a division—

Motion—That the Member be not further heard—withdrawn, by leave, and division not further proceeded with.

Mr Anderson, by indulgence, continued to make his statement.

Mr Kerr and Mr O[quot ]Keefe, by indulgence, also made statements in connection with audit report No. 42.