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The following papers were presented:

Corporations and Securities—Parliamentary Joint Committee—Report—Section 1316 of the Corporations Law, 27 November 1995—Government response.


Advance to the Minister for Finance—

Statements for March and April 1997.

Supporting applications of issues from the Advance during March and April 1997.

Provision for running costs borrowings—

Statement for April 1997.

Supporting applications of issues from the Provision during April 1997.

Financing Jervis Bay Territory—Report by Don Nicholls, AM, December 1995—Government response and explanatory note.

Industry Commission Act—Industry Commission—Report No. 58—The automotive industry, 26 May 1997—

Volume I—Report.

Volume II—Appendices.

King Island Dairy Products Pty Limited ACN 009 513 231—Investigation by the Australian Securities Commission—Final report, 21 May 1997, Volumes 1 to 5.

National Common Police Services—Australasian Police Ministers[quot ] Council—Report for 1995-96.

National Crime Authority—Parliamentary Joint Committee—Report—Law enforcement in Australia: An international perspective, February 1997—Government response.

Native Title and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Land Fund—Parliamentary Joint Committee—Report—Annual reports for 1994-95, prepared pursuant to Part 4A of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission Act 1989, July 1996—Government response.

Services Trust Funds Act—Australian Military Forces Relief Trust Fund—Report for 1996.


Bilateral with national interest analysis—

Agreement on Economic, Trade and Technical Cooperation between the Government of Australia and the Government of the Republic of Lebanon, done at Beirut on 11 March 1997.

Multilateral with national interest analysis—

Amendment, done at New York on 22 May 1995, to article 20, paragraph (1) of the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women, of 18 December 1979.