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The Clerk announced that the following Members had each lodged petitions for presentation, viz.:

Mrs Gash, Mr Griffin, Mr Howard and Mr Taylor, from 5, 18, 314 and 20 petitioners, respectively, praying that action be taken to remove the exclusion of members of the Royal Australian Navy, who served in the Malaya campaign, from repatriation benefits under the Veterans[quot ] Entitlements Act.

Mr Latham and Mr McClelland, from 28 and 2555 residents of Sydney, Mr P F Morris, from 44 electors of the Division of Shortland, and Mr Price, from 476 residents of western Sydney, respectively, praying that the proposal to introduce nursing home entry fees be abandoned and full funding for capital assistance to nursing homes be restored.

Mr Andren, from 19 owners of freehold and leasehold land, praying that legislation be passed to ensure that granting pastoral leases and freehold land automatically extinguishes native title.

Mr Beazley, from 198 electors of the Division of Lilley, praying that legislation which will cause the Golden Circle Fruit and Vegetable Cannery at Northgate, Qld, to relocate offshore be reconsidered.

Mr L. D. T. Ferguson, from 180 residents of New South Wales, praying that nursing home care be available to all and that the family home be exempted from asset tests relating to payment for such care.

Mr Griffin, from 48 residents of Victoria, praying that funding cuts to the Home and Community Care Program be reversed.

Mr Griffin, from 21 residents of Victoria, praying that full funding to Ausmusic be reinstated.

Mr Hawker, from 39 petitioners, praying that better mobile phone services be installed in western Victoria.

Mr Latham, from 1265 residents of Campbelltown and Liverpool, NSW, praying that any plan to construct an airport at Holsworthy, NSW, be abandoned.

Mr Marek, from 104 petitioners, praying that certain reforms to the Child Support Scheme be implemented.

Mr P. F. Morris, from 200 electors of the Division of Shortland, praying that the Belmont, NSW, Medicare Office remain open.

Mr Mossfield, from 137 residents of New South Wales, praying that the importation of cooked chicken meat products not be permitted.

Mr Mossfield, from 10 petitioners, praying that a high profile anti-racism campaign be mounted.

Mrs Moylan, from 173 residents of Roleystone, WA, praying that the rights of citizens who may be adversely affected by the erection of any proposed telecommunication tower be protected.

Mr Pyne, from 64 employees of Cutler Brands Pty Ltd, praying that tariffs be frozen at current levels.

Mrs D. S. Vale, from 208 residents of New South Wales, praying that Holsworthy be opposed as a site for Sydney[quot ]s second international airport.

Mrs D. S. Vale, from 25 petitioners, praying that the importation of animals for exhibition in circuses be prohibited.

Petitions received.