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The House was informed that the Speaker had received the following resolution passed by the Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory on 18 February 1997 relating to native title—

"That this Assembly:

(1) Calls upon the Commonwealth Parliament to give legislative effect on the undertakings and assurances of the former ALP  Government that native title has been extinguished by pastoral leases.

(2) Supports proposals put to the Federal Government by State and Territory leaders which call for

[bull ] \*\'b7identification of those types of leases which extinguish native title, including pastoral leases;

[bull ] \*\'b7codification of native title rights by providing statutory access rights over pastoral lands for Aborigines for traditional purposes e.g. ceremonial, hunting, site visitation;

[bull ] \*\'b7removal of the future act process for claims over cities, towns and land set aside for public purposes;

[bull ] \*\'b7validation of any acts made between the commencement of the Native Title Act and the Wik Decision arising from the assumption and assurance of the former ALP Government that native title had been extinguished by the grant of pastoral leases;

[bull ] \*\'b7
legislative assurance that native title cannot revive following extinguishment;

[bull ] \*\'b7a renegotiation of financial arrangements proposed by the former Federal ALP Government with States and Territories arising from the implications of the Native Title Act;

[bull ] \*\'b7review of funding of the $1.4 billion National Indigenous Land Acquisition Fund established under the Native Title Act on the basis that the grant of pastoral lease automatically extinguished native title; and

[bull ] \*\'b7the future act regime not to apply after a cut off date of January 2000.".