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Mr Reith (Leader of the House) presented the following papers:

Petitions not in accord with standing and sessional orders of the House—

Opposition to uranium mining (Mr E. H. Cameron, 3012 petitioners).

Opposition to closure of The Entrance Medicare office (Mr Lee, 10 petitioners).

Opposition to closure of Medicare offices, in particular the office in Kingaroy and other rural communities (Mr Slipper, 3349 petitioners).

Opposition to closure of Medicare offices (Mr L. D. T. Ferguson, 1099 petitioners).

Support for gun control (Mr Billson, 27 petitioners).

Request for maintenance of direct public funding for early childhood centres (Mr Anthony, 115 petitioners).

Support for the fight for international human rights and freedom for soldiers missing in action (Mr Jull, 387 petitioners).

Support for triennial funding and services of the ABC (Mr Nehl, 3715 petitioners).

Support for maintenance of the current ABC charter, funding and staffing levels (Mr Lee, 20 petitioners).

Opposition to the removal of operational assistance from children[quot ]s services (Mr Lee, 45 petitioners).