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The following papers were presented:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission Act—Indigenous Land Corporation—Report for 1995-96.

Advance to the Minister for Finance—

Statement for September 1996.

Supporting applications of issues from the Advance during September 1996.

Australian Securities Commission Act—Australian Securities Commission—Report—

For 1995-96.

Investigation into the affairs of the New South Wales Aboriginal Legal Service, 11 October 1996.

Bankruptcy Act—Report for 1995-96—Errata.

Commonwealth Fire Board—Report for 1995-96.

Data-matching Program (Assistance and Tax) Act—Department of Social Security and the Data-matching Agency—Report on progress, 1995-96.

Development Allowance Authority Act—Development Allowance Authority—Report for 1995-96.

Industrial Relations Act—Industrial Relations Court of Australia—Report for 1995-96.

Privacy Act—Privacy Commissioner—8th report, for 1995-96.

Transport, Communications and Infrastructure—Standing Committee—Warehouse to wharf: Efficiency of the interface between seaports and land
transport—Final report, 20 November 1995—Government response, October 1996.

Wool International Act—Wool International—Report for 1995-96.